Detox True or False: 5 Common Myths about the latest craze

The word ‘detox’ is like ‘healthy eating’ - it means a lot of different things to different people! At its core, detox is reducing the toxic load on the body. This can be done in many ways and needs to be personalized to your lifestyle, current diet, and goals. Find out if these 5 common detox concepts are true or false before you get started.

  1. Detox is for everyone: False

While detox can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, it isn’t for everyone. For example, pregnant women should stay away from detox protocols or cleanses as the body needs to be fully nourished during this period. Other individuals who need to be careful include those with chronic illness and those on medication.

  1. Detox is for any time: False

Super stressed at work this month? Just recovering from a nasty flu? Times like these are not the best to begin detoxing. Another point to keep in mind is not to over-do it. A good (and well-followed) detox every year is going to be much more beneficial than a poor one every month.

  1. Detox will make you tired and give you bad skin: True and False

Short term (typically 2-5 days) you may feel more tired and have a few breakouts. This is a normal result of bringing the toxins out of the body. BUT a good detox will be tailored to what your body can handle and also include some tips and tricks to alleviate these acute symptoms. After that initial period you can look forward to increased energy and clearer glowing skin!

  1. “I can eat and drink anything as long as I detox later”: False!

Trust me, I’m an advocate for indulgences but if you think a detox will cancel out that binge night out at LKF than your expectations of a detox are unrealistic. Detoxes generally a) help eliminate toxins like heavy metals that accumulate over your lifetime, b) support the liver’s ability to continually detox, and c) reduce the intake of liver irritants and toxins to alleviate undue pressure on detox systems. The more toxins in, means the more time it will take for your body to flush them out. Also, sad to say but there isn’t anything that will flush out the sugar and caloric load of a big night out.

  1. You can detox through sweat: True

Check out last week’s article on the latest research showing how the skin can step in as an elimination organ when the liver and kidneys are under stress. Some toxins that can be excreted through sweat are mercury, lead and BPA! Many detoxes focus exclusively on the liver but it’s important to show some love to the other key elimination organs like the kidneys, gut, and even skin.

If you’re interested in participating in a detox, come visit us at one of our 7 locations to develop an appropriate plan for you!

By Rachel Erwin, Health Coach
B.Sc With Distinction in University of Toronto
Postgraduate Degree in Human Nutrition from HKU

Rachel Erwin Younibody    

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