Ben's Transformation - The Beginning

Hectic schedule? Check. Eating out everyday? Check.

Stressed? No time to workout? Love carb-heavy Chinese classics? Check, check, check!

Benjamin Amey Makeover Younibody

Let’s face it, Ben sounds like just about everyone living in Hong Kong nowadays. But after only 1 year of poor diet choices and stopping his regular exercise regime Ben found his weight had creeped up to 116kg (256lbs) with over 40% of his fat sitting around his midriff. This is bad news for health as belly fat is a main risk factor for developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and premature death. Not to mention its effects on energy levels, mood stability and joints.


Recently, Ben decided changes were long overdue and he booked an appointment with Younibody to start his weight loss program.


His initial consultation included comprehensive baseline measurements to get an accurate picture of Ben’s current status. At Younibody we understand that it takes more than one number to get an accurate picture of your body. Using our In-Body bioimpedance scale we collect information on muscle and fat mass and distribution throughout the body as well as taking body measurements of the arms, legs, chest and belly.

Benjamin Amey Makeover Younibody 

Weight gain isn’t all about calories though. Hormonal imbalances can trigger changes in our metabolism, fat metabolism and fat storage. When fat is preferentially deposited around the belly, like for Ben, it can indicate elevated insulin or stress hormone levels. Therefore, our first step is to really understand Ben’s body at a cellular level and determine if there are any imbalances to address. Similarly, both anecdotal stories and scientific research clearly shows that not everyone will respond the same way to the same diet and exercise regime. In accordance with Younibody’s individualized approach, Ben also received a DNA test. This will illustrate how he uses different foods and how his body will respond to different exercises to inform our diet and exercise plan.

 Benjamin Amey Makeover Younibody
Benjamin Amey Makeover Younibody

Once we understand the root causes of his current weight and shape, we will create a nutrition plan for him to adopt a healthy and satisfying meal plan with the exact calories and nutrients Ben needs to achieve his goals. He will also work with a personal trainer who will tailor make an exercise plan and help motivate him along the way. Lastly, Ben will take a selection of supplements to boost his metabolism and encourage his body to start tapping into those fat stores. Through this all-inclusive program we expect Ben to lose 2-4kg every month while building muscle and radically transforming his body composition.  


Stay tuned for more on Ben’s amazing transformation journey!


Rachel Erwin Younibody    By Rachel Erwin, Health Coach 





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