Carbs: To Cut or Not to Cut?

Carbs have always been given a bad reputation and are frequently blamed for the obesity epidemic.  With the rise of high-fat diets like the ketogenic diet, carbs have transitioned from something to have in moderation to a food that’s downright dangerous. However in the opposing camp, vegans have blacklisted animal products in favour of more carbohydrate-rich diets, saying this is the key to health.

So who’s right?

Firstly, carbohydrates are split into two components: sugar and fiber. While most of us are greatly exceeding limits for sugar, very few are getting the required amount of fiber everyday. Considering this fact, it’s clear that talking about carbohydrates as a whole is overly simplistic. In reality, the ones we want to watch out for are the simple carbohydrates. These refined high-sugar types will spike our blood sugar and negatively affect our weight and health. They include sugary drinks, candy, pastries, white bread, processed rice and white pasta. However, even though carbs aren’t an essential food group, they can still be rich in nutrients and fiber.  Replace the refined types with high-fiber complex carbs like whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potato and ancient grains like quinoa, bulgur and buckwheat.

Secondly, everyone has their own carbohydrate tolerance, which is why your friend may have rice for every meal and stay energetic and thin, while you gain weight and lose energy on the same diet. This is one of the reasons why personalizing your diet is so essential for health. A great first step to learn more about what diet would suit you is to conduct a DNA test. Visit us at our 7 locations to find out more.

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