Hair Mineral Analysis 重金屬測試

What is a Hair Mineral Analysis?


Nowadays, humans are exposed to the highest levels of toxic metals in history -- up to a thousand times more than a hundred years ago. While everyone carries various kinds of metals in their body, not many know how much they actually have. Most people would typically brush this off, not knowing that eradicating them from the body could substantially improve their health, mental function, energy, and overall performance.


A hair mineral analysis helps reveal and explain the causes of several health symptoms and diseases, which have underlying causes linked to nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances, and heavy metal and chemical toxicity. This type of testing encompasses 37 tested minerals: 8 toxic minerals, 15 nutritive minerals, and 15 trace elements.


Hair is primarily used for testing as it is one of the many components of the body that helps eliminate minerals and heavy metals. The varying mineral levels, mineral ratio and other patterns of minerals that have been deposited in hair can reveal several things about your body chemistry and health conditions.


Who should take a Hair Mineral Analysis?


Generally, everyone should take a hair mineral analysis test to determine which toxic metals are in the body. However, there are certain people who especially need to undergo this process, such as:


  • Those with a family history of allergies (eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis)
  • Those suffering from attention deficit
  • Those suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Those suffering from infertility
  • Those suffering from neurodegeneration
  • Those suffering from cancer
  • Those suffering from diabetes
  • Those suffering from learning disabilities
  • Those suffering from impaired growth
  • Those getting ready to conceive


Why take a Hair Mineral Analysis test?


Mineral deficiencies can lead to the inability to counteract the early onset of chronic diseases like neurodegeneration disease, cancer, and diabetes. Overexposure of toxic metals can lead to impaired immune functions, cognitive disorders, loss of senses, and higher tendency towards allergies. Additionally, nutritive minerals act as co-factors, which are essential for your body’s metabolism. Taking a hair analysis test can help improve overall health, and thus, prevent the early onset of any of these diseases.


How does it work?


The hair analysis test is done by obtaining a hair sample, around 0.25g of hair collected from the scalp. Based on the test results, a personalized healthcare and lifestyle recommendation will be given to help rebalance the nutritive minerals, and to detoxify the toxic metals.