TANITA RD-953 體質組成磅 Body Composition Monitor

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Have you ever tried to lose weight but lost track? Tried to set goals but did not work? Or scrolled through the album in your smartphone to find the previous weight record? If these problems ring a bell, the new extensive smart scale from TANITA may be a new year resolution for you.
RD-953 is a bluetooth connected smart scale which can give you over 10 body composition readings through medical grade Dual Frequency BIA technology with uniqle muscle quality assessment. All data can be stored in Health Planet and keeping track of your records has never been so easy.
Connect to your device, track your process and set your goals to achieve your targets and become the healthiest you ever in 2019.

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Ironman Yes
Capacity Pounds 440
Kilograms 200
Increment Pounds 0.2
Kilograms 0.1
BIA Technology Multi Frequency Yes
Full Body Measurements Weight Yes
Body Mass Index (BMI) Yes
Body Fat % Yes
Muscle Mass Yes
Physique Rating Yes
Body Water % Yes
Daily Caloric Intake (DCI) Yes
Metabolic Age Yes
Metabolic Age Range 12 - 90
Bone Mass Yes
Visceral Fat Rating Yes
Muscle Quality Score Yes
Features Glass Platform Yes
Transparent Electrodes Yes
iPhone Compatible Yes
Android Compatible Yes
Radio Wireless Bluetooth Yes
Additional Functions User Memory 4
Athlete Mode Yes
Guest Mode Yes
Recall Function Yes
HealthyEdge Mobile Compatible Yes
Unit Weight Kilograms 2.1
Pounds 4.6
Batteries AA x 4 Yes
Platform Size Metric 38.8cm x42.3cm
Imperial 11.7in x12.9in