Food Intolerance Test |204 International Foods

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Many people may have food intolerance and may not realize it, attributing its symptoms to much simpler illnesses like bowel discomfort, allergies, itchy skin, headaches, chronic pain or fatigue, disturbed sleep, weight gain, or low water retention. Food intolerance occurs when you have an abnormal reaction after ingesting certain food types.



Foods Tested:

  • 204 International Food (including Asian and international)


    Who should take a food intolerance test?


    Ideally, a food intolerance test is recommended for everyone, but more specifically for:

    • Those who want to lose weight
    • Those who suffer from the following:
      • Eczema and other skin diseases
      • Respiratory issues
      • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
      • Aches and pains
      • Bloating after eating
      • Water retention
      • Hormonal imbalances

    Why should people take a food intolerance test?


    • Find the food that cause digestive discomfort and trigger unwanted inflammation
    • Reduce digestion issues
    • Improve chronic health issues through dietary change


    How does it work?

    •  Analyzing a blood spot test